AdBlocker : An Inevitable Revolution for Digital Advertising

AdBlockers, the white knight of web surfers had always been the tormentor for webloggers. With the increase in agitation over the cluttered pop ups & banner ads across the web, the usage of adblockers has become mainstream among the web fanatics. Adblock users justify their act by claiming that it provides them a sophisticated browsing experience whereas webloggers curses, as it leeches their revenue. And we can’t deny that both of them have legitimate points to some degree. But if we have a closer look, it’s silently revolutionising the way of digital advertising. Read More »


Will “ServiceWorker” be the Trump card for browser in Web vs Native App battle?

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

Above Charles Darwin’s quote(sidestepping this contrary) accords not only for Bio world but in Tech world also. In the history of tech world, technologies that have failed to adapt the changes, haven’t sustained for a long period of time. However, Web technology has adapted well enough to overcome a lot of challenges since its invention by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. Read More »


Howdy, Microsoft Edge!!

With Internet Explorer, Microsoft never had a upper hand in the Browser battle for a decade. Internet Explorer had been the nightmare not only for surfers but also for the web developers. No matter whether you are developer/net surfer, it would let you out a bellow of rage at least once. Now, Mr.softy introduces “Microsoft Edge”, a competitive warrior for the browser battle replacing (not completely) IE which was always considered as a straw man in the battle. Read More »


Has Airtel Zero been misconstrued as Net neutrality violation ?!

Over the past few weeks in India, lot of drama was played on Airtel zero vs Net neutrality controversy which includes flipkart walk out of Airtel zero and more than 1 million mails to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) supporting Net neutrality. I am not here to blame Net neutrality adherents. Even I am a Net neutrality adherent, but that doesn’t mean I should follow/support it blindly. Before making any statement, let us be clear with what Net neutrality and Airtel zero platform means. Read More »


Sorry Chrome, Let’s break up !!

Yess !!! I am one among the many people who fell in love with Google chrome at first sight. Not only me but everyone who was fed up with the likes of IE and Firefox, was mesemerized by its speed and simplicity. But now a days, it seems that it has lose its charmness by frequent crashes, frozen states, high RAM usage etc. And it also faces some critical issues like “Completely unusable state“. Read More »

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